Planet Mundus & the Islamic State

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Planet Mundus is a global affairs podcast taped by journalists from five continents, currently studying in Aarhus. Each episode tunes in on a world issue with the same goal: To turn current events personal and tell the stories behind the news story.

In this program Ole Krogsgaard and Hans Liedtke shed light on the phenomenon of the Islamic State.

Tune in to meet the Syrian journalist and refugee in Denmark Joseph Hamoud sharing his very personal perspective on the civil war.

Or tune in to hear why the chairman of the Grimhøj Mosque, Oussamma El-Saadi, has said that he supports the goals of IS. The Grimhøj Mosque is an infamous Danish mosque accused of radicalizing Danes to fight for Jihad.

At the very least tune in to hear house comedian Jan Willems exclusive interview with the beheader-in-chief of the IS, that is at the end of the show.


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