Germany: Puppet Player of the EU?

Is Germany with its strong economy and preachments the EU’s evil dragon, who tries to “Germanize” the other member states or is it a country fighting sacrificially for the Union to stay strong?

Planet Mundus took its recorders and questions and went on a road trip through Germany to investigate the role of the country within the European Union. We spoke to the lecturer and former financial journalist for Reuters and Bloomberg, Adam Cox, about the economic situation and Dr. Gisela Müller-Brandeck-Bocquet from the University of Würzburg about a potential EU army.

We met strangers and friends on the way, all helping us to understand: Why is Germany so keen on keeping the European Union together?

This episode is produced by Nehal El-Sherif and Kim Schönrock. Additional reporting by Jan Willems and Hans Liedtke.

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